Mavrint Frenchie
Height 5 foot 11.5 inches
182.88 cm
5 foot 6 inches
167.64 cm
Weight 185 pounds
83.91 kg
138 pounds
65.77 kg
Favourite Hold Backbreaker Camel Clutch


Mavrint aKa Steve Zed  



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Married 15 years now, we still enjoy suiting up and wrestling whenever we get the chance. We are still not experts in wrestling. We are still knowledgeable amateurs wrestling to have fun and stay fit while doing our best not hurt one another too much.

The MWHG is a reference website for anyone looking to learn more about the very physical'n'fun activity of wrestling. The MWHG exists as a resource, not as instructional. Anything you do with the material on our website is your own responsibility. We knowingly take the risks involved with the physical activity of wrestling because we enjoy it. No one should engage in wrestling if they do not understand and accept the risks involved.

The MWHG has always been and will always be a very personal project. It started out as something I (Mavrint) put together to do something useful and unique with the collection of wrestling pictures I had amassed from newsgroups and the internet. As things progressed, the MWHG changed from being yet another site of other people's material to being one where it was all us, Mavrint and Frenchie, Husband and Wife.

The MWHG is not a typical mixed wrestling website. On our site, you see how it is for us as a wrestling couple. Neither of us likes to always lose, neither of us likes to always win. We enjoy the switch of power and the thrill of having the other at our mercy. We both enjoy putting a bit of hurt on the other because it's fun to "beat up" your spouse. It turns out we both like feeling strong and superior, go figure!